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Due to renovation, only two lanes and five alleys still exist.Even so, in this historic residential area, rich cultural relics are still preserved, including a group of former residences of celebrities.In this residential area, there are stone pavements, whitewashed walls and blue roof tiles, rigorous structure and exquisite and ingenious.

We are a professional and innovative company with more than 60 years of experience in the field of crushing and mineral processing. Our new products always carry the latest technology to serve our customers.

  • China Today

    There is a well preserved short stone passage on the taojiang road.Just 200 meters in length, its flagstones bring back local peoples childhood memories.Lovers might also enjoy strolling here under its old-style lamps.Poetic is perhaps the most appropriate description of yongfu road, an uplifting arcadia shaded by luxuriant plane trees.

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