HelP-T2D: Helminth Products for Type 2 Diabetes

HelP-T2D (Helminth Products for Type 2 Diabetes) is a ZonMW-funded pre-clinical project aimed to:

  • investigate the beneficial effects of helminth-derived molecules in the context of metabolic disorders, such as

– obesity

– insulin resistance

–  type 2 diabetes

  • to elucidate their underlying molecular mechanism(s) of action.

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Mid-term meeting

Mid-term meeting

The HelP-T2D project has started on April 1st, 2015. The mid-term meeting took place in Wageningen, The Netherlands, on March 28th, 2018. Within the project researchers from two universities are working together. During the meeting the progress of the project and the planning for the collaborative activities in the coming year were discussed.

Talk Patrick van der Zande

Talk Patrick van der Zande

Patrick van der Zande, a PhD student from the Leiden Immunoparasitology group form the Leiden University Medical Center, has given a talk on his work on plant-produced parasite molecules as modulators of insulin sensitivity and metabolic homeostasis during the visit of the green house used by the Department of Nematology at Wageningen University.